Yours V.S. Common Property

As an occupant or owner of a strata property, it is important to understand what's considered as owner's responsibility and what should be look after by OC/strata manager.

To identify 'what's mine and what is part of common property', by law, it relies on how it is divided on the property's plan of subdivision, both vertically and horizontally.

If a boundary on a plan is defined by reference to a building or part of a building, the plan must specify whether the boundary is one or more of the following—

(a)     Interior Face;    
(b)     Median (floor and ceiling);
(c)     Median (wall, window, door, balustrade);
(d)     Exterior Face;
(e)     in some other location.

Interior Face lies along the interior face of any wall, floor (upper surface of elevated floor if any), ceiling (underside of the suspended ceiling if any), window, door or balustrade of the relevant part of the building. Any internal coverings, waterproof membranes and fixtures attached to walls, floors, and ceilings are included within the relevant parcel;

Interior face

Median (floor and ceiling) lies within the middle of the building structure of any floor or ceiling of the relevant part of a building which defines a boundary. Any elevated floor or suspended ceiling does not form part of the building structure;

Median (floor and ceiling)

Median (wall, window, door, balustrade) lies along the mid-point between exposed surfaces of any wall, window, door, and balustrade of the relevant part of a building. Any vertical projection of a boundary beyond the building is a projection of the median of the wall;

Median (Interior - Exterior)
Median (Interior - Interior)
Median (wall, window, door, balustrade)

Last but not least, exterior face lies along the exterior face of any wall (and vertical projection thereof), door, window, balustrade, foundation, overhanging roof, eave or guttering of the relevant external part of the building. Any vertical projection of a boundary beyond the building is a projection of the exterior face of the wall.

Exterior face

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