About us

As a professional Strata Community Manager, we commit to:

  • Provide information, training and leadership on strata community operations to the Strata Committee, sub-committees and the strata community at large.
  • Foster a sense of community awareness and spirit within the residents
  • Develop a body of leadership through the committee structure.
  • Provide the necessary administrative tools to the Strata Committee to enable it to make wise, informed decisions on both short-term and long-term actions and goals.

In fulfilling the terms of their management contract or employment agreement, we are charged with:

  • Assisting the Strata Committee decision-making; process by means of providing information-gathering and fact-finding support; and
  • Implementing the decisions of the Strata Committee
  • Administering the services, programs, and operations of the Strata Community within the policies and guidelines set by the Strata Committee