Why Choose Us?

We understand developers have invested many efforts and capitals into the project, we are here to offer accountable and cost effective services satisfying the requirements of the Developer and OC committee. Our strong working relationships with various service providers, aiming to deliver the most proactive and efficient services to our clients from the earliest stage of the development.

Why choose ASOCM?

Encourage sustainable living

Sustainable products will be encouraged to use on common property in order to achieve more sustainable living and reduce energy consumption which eventually benefiting the whole community.


We have strong relationships with reliable and professional service providers in regards to legal, accounting and tax lodgement, insurance, debt recovering and other tradespersons which ensure service levels are met.

Transparent and accountable

No hidden costs or surprises, we budget and are upfront with all costs associated with our services.

Any time online access

Online portal provides you 24/7 access to all of your property’s information and reports.

Prompt response

We actually respond promptly to our clients calls/emails. If you have been with another manager you will know this can be a real gripe.

We speak your language

Our bilingual team can help break down communication barriers.

Keep you informed

ASOCM updates information to the portal to all owners providing information concerning industry issues that may impact the operation or management of strata schemes in Victoria.

And it is our responsibilities:
- to act honestly and in good faith
- to exercise due care and diligence
- not to make improper use of your position to gain, directly or indirectly, an advantage personally or for any other person.
- Promptly response to any issues and inform to committee for decision making and act on them