Our Services

We aim to create harmonious communities and maintain sustainable lifestyles.

Sustainability becomes a key word in nowadays’ society. A sustainable resident program could have significant help on energy saving, reducing pollution as well as enhancing quality living.

As your strata manager, we value your asset as much as you do, we are here to deliver cost effective management services and guide you through obstacles while living or managing the community.

Our services for new Owners Corporation set-up are summarised as follows:

1. Book Keeping: According to Owners Corporation Act 2006, OC manager is responsible for applying and keeping all project related legal documents (OC Certificate, plans, etc) and make sure strata insurance is ready in the first place.
2. Sales preparation: Prepare budgets on properties’ on-going management including costs to be incurred on operation of the property.
3. Pre-settlement care: Arrange pre-settlement inspection, make sure handover kits are ready in advance. Stay in touch with builder and contractors for any defects found from the inspection.
4. Establishment & handover: Full management of the set-up and building handover, working with all stakeholders.
5. Ongoing Strata Management: Working with the new owners on the on-going building management.

We provide on-going management to all of our owners:

– Responses provided to correspondence within 24 hours
– Phone calls (within business hours) returned within two hours
– Work orders actioned within two hours
– Exceptional customer service
– 24-hour emergency call service
– Daily payment of invoicing and balancing of accounts daily

Strata Management

Customising strata management services to suit the needs of your strata scheme allows you to benefit from both essential and special services, ensuring the proper setting up of your strata development right from the start...

Building Management & Long Term Maintenance

A better communication between residents and management team, an affordable customized building management software is the key to adding value to your development. ASOCM provides the strata community an option...

Community Management & Leadership

Being a locally based OC Management company in Melbourne, we found that there is a distinct logistical advantage in being able to offer that onsite assistance that can be a real benefit to all Owners Corporations...

Strata Establishment

The establishment of the owners corporation records and administrative procedures in accordance with legislation prior to the appointment of the manager are as follows:

For Developers

We work with the Developer in the preparation of Budgets and Rules to assist with the sales campaign and sales contracts. We work with project sales teams regarding...