Our Values


There is no project that is too big neither too small to ASOCM. From townhouses, units to multilevel apartments are all valuable and as equally important to us. We want to be part of your success and masterpiece. More importantly we would like to build a strong and ongoing relationship with you. In order to achieve that ASOCM acts and believes in the following:


The best way to show our respect is to listen and pay attention to our clients; understand their objective and goals before acting or proving any advice; make sure our actions and feedbacks are aligned with client’s goals and targets.


We highly valued honesty both internally and externally. It is the foundation of mutual-trust relationship. We do not hide our ideas and concerns on the projects. We would rather spending time to optimize the plans than to remediate by taking corrective actions in the future.


Our team consist of members that are passionate with the OC industry. We trained our members to always think from the client point of view, be humble and to learn from every case.


Every project is different and should be flexible. Our team will customize the appropriate package to every Owners Corporation plan. ASOCM aim to minimize any unnecessary cost and to improve efficiency. We will keep our cost competitive by simplifying processes and communication. We will make sure to maximize the power of every dollar the owners contribute, and having most funds invested back into the property.