Why strata manager?

Strata living could be complicated due to the density of occupancy within a building, especially when people are not familiar with the concept that what they actually own is basically the internal walls, up to the underside of the ceiling and things that attached to the top of the floor slab.

Everything else is pretty much Common Property and is CO-OWNED and maintained by the owners corporation.   The owners have a responsibility under the Strata Schemes Management Act to maintain all common properties. This is where the ASOCM is needed.

A building manager will be appointed by ASOCM, who is more likely to be a facility manager, understands how plant and machinery of the building operates and what maintenance is required. The appointed building manager is usually onsite, providing information, services and support to all occupiers. Both strata manager and building are working very closely to ensure that the correct budgets are set for the development and on-going management of the building.

Strata manager, on the other hand, has four main functions in relation to the on-going management of the owners corporation: maintenance and repair, debt and levies collection, insurance claims and renewals, and book-keeping of all financial records. It could be very frustrating in the long run when maintenance for different facilities need to be scheduled in different time, getting few quotations for single repair, follow up on insurance claims and collecting fees from all residents. ASCOM has a database and established relationship with tradespersons and professional suppliers.